O programa


The PPGAMGP have qualified masters and PhD with a profile to act in traditional genetic plant breeding, and modern plant breeding methods with molecular markets as support, as well as characterization, conservation and use of plant genetic resources. The knowledge and experience obtained by the teaching stages, seminars and incentive of the professors qualify the graduate students to the engagement as professors’ technical schools of the Northeast region. Graduate students are being selected for a Genetic plant breeding PhD programs in at UFRJ, ESALQ, UFLA, UFV and Unesp, supported by the good training obtained in our master's degree program.


General Purpose

Train professors, researchers, professionals and technical in order to promote the technical and methodological knowledge in Genetic plant breeding to find solutions to the North and Northeast regions reflecting our social and political engament.

Specific  Purpose

Contribute to improving the quality of national research plant breeding area, with the participation of researchers from the North and Northeast Regions.

Contribute to the sugar and alcohol sector in the North regions, through the development of more competitive sugarcane varieties with the partnership of professors and students with public and private companies.

Fill in the gap of graduate courses in Genetic plant breeding in the North and Northeast regions that only recently had two programs in this area and only the PPGAMGP with a PhD course.

To establish partnership and cooperation with other local, national and international institutions, aiming to improvement the knowledge in Genetic plant breeding.

Produce knowledge in Genetic plant breeding to applied research to the development of technological innovations demanded by agriculture production systems, mainly in the North and Northeast.

Provide opportunities for the technical and scientific training for undergraduate students in Agronomy, Biology and related areas, as well as Masters and PhD in Genetic plant breeding, in three main research areas: a) Plant Molecular Genetics; B) Biometry and Plant Breeding; C) Plant evaluation and characterization.